Mobile Websites

Is your business mobile ready? Let Marketing American Businesses take your business to the next level with a mobile website.

If you’re like most companies, you may have a website but you probably don’t have a mobile website. While this may not have been a big problem last year, it’s quickly becoming extremely important to have a fully functional mobile version of your website ready for your customers. The next time you’re waiting somewhere, waiting to get seated at a table for dinner or waiting in the checkout line at a store – take a look around at how many people are passing the time by using their smartphone to pass the time. This might help you realize how important it is for your company to have a mobile site. Marketing American Businesses can build your business a full mobile website that is app free and fast. Our mobile website work with all smartphones and are designed to be fast and reliable. If you currently own a website and would just like to have a dot mobi (.mobi) integration, we can handle that too.


While modern smartphones can render full websites (with the exception of Flash for iPhones), mobile users expect a site that loads quickly, is easily navigable (without pinch-zooming) and contains plenty of functions and sections that are pertinent to mobile users. Contact us today for a mobile website quote.


Mobile PhoneHere are the top five reasons why you need a mobile website:

1. More than half of U.S. consumers own a smartphone

2. Mobile users expect a simplified (and a quick loading) browsing experience

3. Mobile traffic is exploding

4. Visitors are using mobile devices to plan trips as well as using them at their destination

5. A great mobile website can eliminate the need to create separate mobile apps for multiple mobile platforms

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