About Us

Who Are We

We are a digital marketing company founded in 2001. We are a group of experienced marketing professionals that prove return-on-investment for your marketing budget with our world-class 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help guide 5,000 businesses by 2025 with our cohesive marketing solutions.

What We Do

We focus on designing an optimized website, starting online paid ads, and generating 5 star Google reviews.

Our History

There is no compression algorithm for experience. 

Being in the industry since 2001, Marketing American Businesses has been committed to results for their clients through marketing channel like placemats, blogs and print newsletters.

Now, Marketing American Businesses has evolved to deliver even more revenue driving marketing campaigns with cohesive internet marketing programs completely customized to your business’s needs, operations, software.

We provide a cohesive solution unlike other products, eBooks, services that are outdated.

We focus our efforts on generating customers in the door and prove a positive return-on-investment month after month with our custom CRM and software for your business.

Our Marketing American Businesses Roadmap

1. Discover

First, we have a discovery call to fully understand where you are at, where you want to go, and how we can get you there with profitable marketing campaigns.

2. Define

We agree upon a common goal, we define exactly the results you and your business are looking for to ensure we can deliver our promise to you – more customers!

3. Design

We begin designing your optimized website that is responsive to all devices and use any content to create a mockup of all online paid ads for your complete satisfaction.


We develop your WordPress website with 100% private and secure code so that your website is a place where Google and Facebook will send you customers right now and for the long-term of your business.

5. Deploy

We review together exactly what work we have designed and developed to deploy the campaign in a timely manner to start getting your business customers right out of the gates.

6. Deliver

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Why Choose Us?

Website design that delivers an unforgettable first impression.

You have the industry’s top marketing support team just a phone call away.

Our projects are results orientated to generate you customers every month with predictability for maximum return-on-investment.

We have various awards for our support team for “Top Response Rates” for following up with web generated leads at lightning speed.

The techniques and full transparency to our campaigns is what makes us different than your traditional marketing company.

Founded in 2001, we have proven positive results for clients and seen marketing trends from early stages of digital marketing.

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